We offer gap-free dentistry on preventative dental treatments for children aged 0 - 16 years.

Preventative dental treatments include:
- check-ups and cleans,
- X-rays,
- oral hygiene,
- fluoride treatment, and
- fissure seals.

A 6-monthly check-up and clean for your child is $100.
- There may be a difference to pay after your health fund claim has been processed when the health fund benefit does not equate to $100.

Dental treatments which are not preventative will be charged at our standard fees.

The 1st visit

The optimal age for your child’s first visit to our practice can be anywhere from 1 year – 3 years of age and is really dependent on the child. Younger siblings may be more confident and outgoing and happy to have a ride in the chair and have their teeth checked from 12 months of age. The oldest child or first child/only child may prefer to come in from just after 2 years of age. We look after every child's dental needs here at Enlighten Dental and know they will love coming to the dentist every time. It's our mission to prevent dental disease from an early age and create great experiences for children and adults alike. We are actively changing the face of Dentistry!


Your dentist at Enlighten Dental is excellent working with every child. If you are unsure of where to go, come in and meet Dr Sophia for the right advice for dental treatment for your wonderful child. We have the training and all the resources to take the very best care of your children and you will find our practice to be the lovely relaxing environment your child needs. We treat many amazing children and look forward to meeting your beautiful kids! From Autism to sensory issues and phobic patients, we always have time to see you and take care of your child's needs. We work closely with a wonderful team of Paediatric Dentists so that we can offer you the very best treatment for your children.


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We have a rewards club where every child receives a new tooth brush pack and chance to pick a prize at the end of each visit.

There is a huge dedicated kid’s area for the younger ones and the older children can play console video games if they wish.

We have ceiling-mounted smart TVs where your child can watch their favourite show or listen to music. 

Does your school need a tooth fairy visit?

If you would like our dental team to visit your child’s school to educate their class about great oral health, feel free to drop us a line. Keep an eye out for our tooth fairies visiting a school near you!

Does my child need to go to the dentist?

What to look for? Signs that your child may be suffering from an oral disease: weak/crumbling teeth, spontaneous dental pain, white/orange/brown/black areas on the teeth, sleep/breathing problems (e.g. snoring and teeth chattering/grinding, large tonsils), crowded/misshapen teeth, swollen face, abscess/pimple on the gum, ulcers/sores in the mouth or on the lips/face/hands.

Preventive Options

Fissure sealants are a treatment used to seal the deep fissures of "groovy" teeth using a flowable resin. When applied at the right stage the seal protects the tooth from developing decay within the deep grooves of the tooth.

Professional fluoride treatment - especially for those vulnerable newly emerging adult molar teeth. These molars erupt through the gums around the ages of 6 and 12. It is highly protective to place a coating of Fluoride varnish over these teeth to strengthen the biting surfaces with deep grooves that are prone to tooth decay. 

Tooth mousse protection -  we use GC Tooth Mousse where indicated to strengthen and protect children's teeth. It's a dental creme that contains CPP-ACP, a milk protein that delivers bio-available calcium and phosphate to the teeth and comes in several lovely flavours.

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