Essential Prevention

We want the best for your oral health so that you can enjoy great teeth for life. This starts early with our passion for treating children and preventing oral disease from setting in. We are here to support you in establishing impeccable oral hygiene habits so together. Enlighten your health with our experienced team of dental health professionals. Superb oral hygiene is one of the most powerful factors for preventing dental disease and this is why we have inspiring Oral Health Therapist to spend the time focusing on you and brightening up your day.

Keep your mouth in excellent condition with regular six monthly check-ups. 
After your  visit to our practice you will notice the difference to your oral health with that amazing fresh teeth feeling. We are here to keep you on track, help prevent dental disease, treat any orofacial pain and listen to your needs.

Preventive Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

We know that you want the best care for your childrens' health. We have the most fun and knowledgeable team to treat your childrens' dental needs.

We cover all things preventive:

- oral hygiene,
- dietary advice,
- habit cessation,
- treatment of early childhood decay,
- colourful and custom fitting sports mouth guards,
- orthodontic assessment and early intervention for special cases, and
- management any childhood dental trauma.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Nobody wants their teeth to fall out from gum disease. At Enlighten Dental Northbridge we are here to make sure gum disease does not set in and start destroying the tooth foundations: the gingiva, bone and the periodontal ligaments that support the teeth in your jaw.

Regular oral hygiene visits with one of our dentists or oral health therapists combined with your great oral health routine at home will prevent gum disease.

If you are already suffering from gum (aka periodontal) disease, we are here to enlighten your oral health and stabilise the periodontal disease and prevent further destruction of the gums and surrounding matrix of bone and ligament (collectively known as the periodontium).

We provide the most advanced periodontal therapy to manage periodontal disease:

- monitoring the gums,
- regular 3/4/6 monthly debridements (cleaning) 
- laser gum therapy,
- advanced surgical treatments, and
- gum grafting.

Do you have swollen, red and fragile gums that bleed easily when you brush or floss, or even when you are eating?

Do your gums look like they are lifting away from your teeth or look like they are receding? 

If you think that you have a problem with your gums but not quite sure what is going on, feel free to come in and see one of our friendly team members for the right advice. We will be able to diagnose and treat your gum condition.

Periodontal disease is often asymptomatic (silent and not painful) and can advance without you noticing a change in your gums.

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What you may not know about gum disease:

- Gingivitis (bleeding gums) is an inflammatory response to bacteria living on and around your gums,
- Inflammation anywhere on or inside your body means reactive, puffy, red, and fragile areas
- This reactive condition means your gums will break easily and therefore bleed when your try to clean them,
- Clean away the bugs that are causing this reaction and it will subside
- Bugs only take 48 hours to grow in your mouth, if you are not flossing them away at least every 2nd day, then gingivitis will return!
- Every part of your body prefers to be clean and free of infection, your gums are no exception!
- Bleeding can be the first sign of gum disease,
- Most of the time you don't feel a thing!
- Flossing does not make your gums bleed.
- Untreated gingivitis destroys the gums and the attachment of the teeth, 
- Loose teeth already have attachment loss (bone loss), 
- When a tooth has little to no attachment to the support matrix it will fall out or have to be removed.

Dr Sophia Petta and her Enlighten Dental team can examine your gum health at your next visit and provide the regular treatment required to prevent gum disease from ever occurring. We are also here to stabilise any active gum disease that you may have been diagnosed with in the past. Speak to your oral health professional at Enlighten Dental for advice on the best treatment solutions for you.


Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection of the tooth structure.

It is an infectious disease which can not only spread through the tooth, jaw and face but also to neighbouring teeth and people!
This means to your partner and your children if you happen to share utensils, cups and kisses!

Luckily enough with your enthusiasm and our treatments we can combat any tooth decay. We have fantastic staff and a range of oral hygiene, dietary advice and restorative options available.

When replacing lost tooth structure due to bacterial infection you have many aesthetic options to choose from:

- Tooth-coloured Composite Resin fillings
- Tooth-coloured Ceramic fillings (aka inlays/onlays)
- Gold fillings (aka inlays/onlays)

Depending on how much tooth structure has been lost you may require a protective crown to preserve the remaining tooth structure:

- Highly aesthetic and durable tooth-coloured Ceramic crowns, or
- Thin, strong and anti-bacterial Gold crowns (better suited to posterior teeth if you do not wish to see them when you smile).

Where the infection has occupied the entire tooth including the internal nerve canal system we need to prevent further spread of the infection to the nearby structures which include: jaw bones, sinuses, facial muscles, throat and brain. We treat this type of infection through cleansing the canal system with Root Canal Therapy.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

On average most of us consume 3-5 meals per day, we can grind our teeth away and hence they get a battery of use throughout their lifetime. Sometimes we may bite into something which is surprisingly too hard, or on a weird angle, or we may have very little tooth structure in a tooth that has had a large filling in the past. All of these factors and possible bite instances can result in the creation of a crack in your tooth.

Your Dentist at Enlighten Dental is highly trained, uses the latest equipment and eye magnification to detect any cracks in your teeth.
We provide you with several options for you to choose from, together with an appropriate treatment plan to protect your teeth from further wear and crack propagation. Often small cracks if left untreated can turn into complex cracks which may not be able to be saved. We are here to prevent early tooth loss due to untreated Cracked Tooth Syndrome.

If you have a broken tooth or lost filling - your tooth has already been weakened. Don't just favour the other side of your mouth!
When you do this you are then placing unbalanced stress forces on that area, which can also lead to cracking of those perfectly good teeth!

It is best to book in early so that we can find the cause and prevent any further damage to your teeth. Providing you harmonious and balanced teeth for life! Most days we can see you straight away, and we always have emergency appointments available.